Wednesday, August 29, 2007

you know the old joke

When the ice cream man plays a tune, you tell the kids he has run out of ice cream?
Do you know what's worse? When you have promised 15 kids - and 60 or so adults - that the ice cream man is coming and they can have anything they like...................................



Apparently he had us in his diary for the 23rd, despite numerous emails from me with the subject line 22nd august 2007

and worse still - it is now a week since the wedding and he hasnt even apologised, and on the phone on the evening all he could do was stutter a half baked excuse, personally I think he just didn't want to come out in the rain!

Never mind, he lost an evenings takings and Mr.B & Me saved £108.50 (Dan and Elaine shot to Tesco to buy Fab Lollies for all the kids at a cost of £4 and the adults had wedding cake!)

Putting that aside, the evening was (in the name of the ice cream) FAB.

I have never danced so much.

I managed to have a chat with everyone of our guests - even the children! Which I am pleased about it was 1 of the 2 things I really wanted to do on my wedding day (the other one is between Mr.B & Me, and yes we did!)

We left before the last of our guests gave up (It looked as if we could be the last men standing and I didn't want that to happen), I think it was about 11pm that we gave up, and left for our luxurious wedding night destination

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