Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And then we partied!

but first the formalities!

Thankfully we were the last wedding of the day, so the photographers were able to spend time on getting some really lovely photos, and even the rain held off again for most of them.

I have to admit the reception was a bit of a blur - I remember getting there and being blown away by how fantastic the hall looked (since decorating it the night before my friend Sarah had been in and done the balloon arrangements and set the cake up), and then worrying that it seemed so long before the hog roast was served

Then before I knew it the food was out and everyone was tucking in, and boy was it yummy, I think next to my dress and the mini mr.B & me on top of the cake the HOG ROAST received the most compliments!

Speeches were fantastic - well done Mr.B and Dan

the cake cutting (or the pretending to!) wsa painless

then we had a confetti arch which was hilarious! 70 or so guests with 40 or so boxes of biodegradable confetti between them - and Mr.B & Me making a mad dash (but still walking) across the dance floor!

our first dance was a real tear jerker - with a confetti balloon bursting over us showering us in gold and ivory - all very romantic. For the record the song was Alanis Morissette - Head over feet

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