Thursday, September 13, 2007

hi stranger

Been a while

Been under a bit of a cloud, after the excitement of the wedding everything seems a bit flat. Now I am having to find things to do to fill my time, whereas before I was having to find time to do the things I had to do!

On the plus side I have received an apology (of sorts) from the ice cream man. Although I think it may have been prompted by my comment on here and the risk to his business reputation, rather than out of genuine remorse as it took him 9 days to email me! but hey I could be wrong - heres the mail

Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 10:53 PM
Subject: (no subject)

Hello Kirsty
Having read your web site re non attendance at your wedding and after all the e-mail's and confirmation from me to attend your special day which I have to say were all correct.
I can only say sorry to you and your guests, having attended a number of weddings which have been a joy to do. I can appreciate how you must have felt, please rest assured that I was very disappointed myself at what happened and this was a first for us as we do not like to disappoint.
I wish that there was some way that I could make this up to you, perhaps some event that you may be holding in the future.
I would like to wish you and your husband all the best for the future.
(A very Sorryfull Ice Cream man)

Still can't bring myself to buy an ice cream from his van when in town though!

The big shocker was going back to Weight Watchers after the wedding, my weigh day is a Wednesday so I did miss one - but I put on 5 pounds! in 10 days, blimey that'll teach me to eat, drink and be merry! but then I dont think there was a day from the Saturday before until the Monday after where Mr. B and Me didnt eat out or enterain! 2 pounds of that has come off already and I will lose the rest.

I need to clear up a few things - a few misleading things that I have noticed (and Mr.B pointed out - now he is allowed to read it!) in this BLOG

  • in february 2006 I stated Caroline had offered to make the girls dresses - she did, but ~I soon let her off the hook I think with 4 kids and a demanding hubby (!) making my dress was quite enough!
  • in february 2006 I also said we had set the date for 29th September, obviously we hadn't - although I wish we had because a. I would still have it to look forward to and b. The blooming weather might be nicer
  • August 2006 - we did not see or use a wedding planner in the end!
  • october 2006 - despite losing 26 pounds I didn't get my pedicure or my facial. BooHoo
  • February 2007 the car problem was that the original taxo driver decided to retire! But Caroline's lovely husband, Laurence, volunteered (or was coerced not sure which) into driving us in his Jag
  • May 2007 - didn't buy a gazebo (just as well no one wanted to go outside in that rain!) but did buy a brolly, just as well as it rained - a lot!
  • Julyt 2007 - I did bake an awful lot of cup cakes, but they are still in the freezer - decided that whilst baking in advance was easy - when would I actually get the time to ice them all? So Waitrose it was
  • August 2007 - I managed to only fart once during the whole day, and one slipped out whilst I was giving my Aunt a kiss on the cheek goodbye! the music was playing so I am sure she didn't notice

I think thats everything cleared up - now its time to pay the credit card and plan for Christmas. I have made a start on the former - will contemplate the latter in a few weeks.

So is this good-bye? has this Blog reache a natural end? Do you know I think it might have, but you can't keep a good one down and for anyone into self torture you could try reading this


au reviour
Auf Wiedersehen
so long
see ya later

OK OK I have stopped...................................................................

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

you know the old joke

When the ice cream man plays a tune, you tell the kids he has run out of ice cream?
Do you know what's worse? When you have promised 15 kids - and 60 or so adults - that the ice cream man is coming and they can have anything they like...................................



Apparently he had us in his diary for the 23rd, despite numerous emails from me with the subject line 22nd august 2007

and worse still - it is now a week since the wedding and he hasnt even apologised, and on the phone on the evening all he could do was stutter a half baked excuse, personally I think he just didn't want to come out in the rain!

Never mind, he lost an evenings takings and Mr.B & Me saved £108.50 (Dan and Elaine shot to Tesco to buy Fab Lollies for all the kids at a cost of £4 and the adults had wedding cake!)

Putting that aside, the evening was (in the name of the ice cream) FAB.

I have never danced so much.

I managed to have a chat with everyone of our guests - even the children! Which I am pleased about it was 1 of the 2 things I really wanted to do on my wedding day (the other one is between Mr.B & Me, and yes we did!)

We left before the last of our guests gave up (It looked as if we could be the last men standing and I didn't want that to happen), I think it was about 11pm that we gave up, and left for our luxurious wedding night destination

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And then we partied!

but first the formalities!

Thankfully we were the last wedding of the day, so the photographers were able to spend time on getting some really lovely photos, and even the rain held off again for most of them.

I have to admit the reception was a bit of a blur - I remember getting there and being blown away by how fantastic the hall looked (since decorating it the night before my friend Sarah had been in and done the balloon arrangements and set the cake up), and then worrying that it seemed so long before the hog roast was served

Then before I knew it the food was out and everyone was tucking in, and boy was it yummy, I think next to my dress and the mini mr.B & me on top of the cake the HOG ROAST received the most compliments!

Speeches were fantastic - well done Mr.B and Dan

the cake cutting (or the pretending to!) wsa painless

then we had a confetti arch which was hilarious! 70 or so guests with 40 or so boxes of biodegradable confetti between them - and Mr.B & Me making a mad dash (but still walking) across the dance floor!

our first dance was a real tear jerker - with a confetti balloon bursting over us showering us in gold and ivory - all very romantic. For the record the song was Alanis Morissette - Head over feet

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today you get a quick one!

As Mr and Mrs.B are going on their mini honeymoon today!

I didn't want you to think that I wasn't going to tell you the rest of great stuff that happened.

But you will have to wait until we get back, as we have to go soon.

See you Tuesday!

Friday, August 24, 2007

You didn't think I would make you wait too long for the next installment, did you?

left you on a bit of a cliffhanger there didn't I?

Finally we see Jude running hell for leather into the register office, and I am allowed out of the car - hang on another hiccup, someone has left the door open to the marriage room, Mr.B must not see me. So a quick scurry around whilst that is organised.

Then I realise I am absolutely busting for a wee. HaHaHa, so quick dash down the corridor in the opposite direction, a struggle with my dress and I am ready to face the interview with the registrar.

Do you know I have absolutely no idea what time we got married, by this point I can't even think how long I had been waiting in the car. 30 minutes? 40? an hour? Not a clue - really must ask someone, would be lovely to know the
official marriage time!

Now, where was I. Yes time to go in, to face the music, the final walk, off to meet Mr.B, to become Mrs.B - OK I will stop that now.

Caroline had a quick fiddle with my dress to make sure it looked good, and the music started

Derek walked me into the room, with the girls behind me - I had to slow Derek down he was walking too fast and I was worried the music wouldn't get a chance to get going.

And then I was there, standing beside Mr.B, the registrar smiling at me and asking me to place my flowers on the table. The registrar welcomed us, and then said we were allowed to hold hands - did we look that scared?

It was nice to be able to hang onto Mr.B, until that point I hadn't really realised just how much safer I feel when I am with him!

If I am honest, the ceremony is quite a blur I remember saying my vows, and Mr.B saying his, of exchanging rings (Mr.B couldn't get mine on!) and the Dads doing their readings. All this through a flood of tears, it seemed all I could do was cry, thankfully middle daughter had lent me her 'finding Nemo' hanky, which I had shoved down my cleavage, but it got a lot of use.

Then we are signing the register and having more photos taken - and its time to leave.

The registrar was lovely, she looked really happy and seemed so pleased for us. It was all very emotional, Jude, Mum, my sister, Krystle and I think even my eldest daughter were all sniffling into tissues - Krystle ran out of tissues so lent over and used my Brother In Laws tie!

Who's got the rings?

2.20pm - or there abouts, as I am not wearing a watch and have lost all concept of time, all I know is I feel sick with nerves and just want to burst into tears. We arrived at the Register office, after a lovely ride in Laurences Jaguar.

A few photographs are taken......................

And then the bombshell! Elaine is running out of the register office towards us in the rain, 'theres a small problem, it's O.K he is here, but they have forgotten the rings!' and before I have time to react, she reassures me there are solutions - we can either go ahead with borrowed rings, or the Registrar is happy to wait as we are the last wedding of the day, Jude and Pippa are already making a mad dash back to Hemel Hempstead to pick the rings up.

It only takes me a moment to think and decide I wouldn't feel right getting married without our own rings - so wait we did.

For many reasons I am glad I did, it was such fun watching the late arrival guests running like mad things past the car, then stopping in their tracks and turning round with big grins and waving madly at me! A lot of people got a sneak preview of me, before they should have.

My Mum had followed us with 2 of the bridesmaids (eldest daughter and youngest daughter) and the youngest fell asleep in the car on the way - a 10 minute journey - wow she must have been so overwhelmed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, August 23, 2007

22nd August 2007

12.30pm - I think it was probably at about this point at which I started to think '*yikes* this is really happenning'
O.K that may seem like a really silly thing to say, but I have been so busy organising everything and everyone it felt a bit like someone elses event!
well there you go if you didn't think I was slightly odd before, you certainly do now.

1.30pm - Time for Auntie Jude to leave, our friend Ray came to collect here - I have only seen him in work clothes before and didn't really recognise him when he walked up the garden. When I opened the door I remarked how smart he looked, to which he replied that I looked lovely too - Doh! had completely forgotten that I was standing there in all my finery - complete with tiarra

*rolls eyes*

Then it was time for the photographers to arrive - now I really hate having my photo taken so this had caused more anxiety than it really should have - but they were lovely. Denise and Alex from blessings photography
I really can't recommend them highly enough, such lovely ladies and the results are amazing!

2pm - and then the car is here and its time to leave, as the rain has decided to hold of for a few mintutes we managed to go out the front door (longer route to car, but much prettier) but of course I forgot my wrap, ok go ahead got that. Hang on forgotten my bouquet, its alright I have that lets go! but the one thing we didnt forget was the umbrella - and thank heavens we didn't, it was used a lot that day!

Despite the rain, it looks like we are going to have a lovely, smooth and trouble free day. Little did I know what was in store ...........................................

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Big Day has Arrived

last night was the best nights sleep I have had in an age(ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)!

Doesn't bode well - after all thats the first night Mr.B and me have spent apart in a long while!

Up at 5.50am, out on my walk at 6am, home again at 7am soaked to the skin as something a bit like a baby hurricane swept through St.Albans.

7.30am and I am about to have a lovely warm shower - believe it or not, end of August and I have all the windows shut and I am cold - outrageous!

I can't believe everything is so calm, Derek and Jude are at the hall with the hog roast people, middle daughter is having her hair done downstairs, my hair has been done, eldest daughter is having a tantrum over her hair - oh the joys of a teen bridesmaid.

now I have half an hour or so before the flurry of putting on make up etc starts.


I wrote that yesterday morning - now I am Mrs. B, and as the next part of this story is so long and exciting (go on honestly!) I will end it here and start tomorrow (its been a long 48 hours you know)

364 days until our 1st wedding anniversary!

And now, the end is here

And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I'll say it clear....................................

What am I going to do without having this blog to update?!

I am sure I will find something to fill my time.

I do worry though, about afterwards - getting post wedding blues. After all most other newlyweds will be planning their first homes together, buying the furniture, choosing the paint, planning a family ..............
We have done all that already -
I know, we will plan our retirement. HaHaHa

I am really exhausted tonight, we have been decorating the hall (roll call of thanks to Linda, Alison, Ed, Jude, Caroline, Krystle, Mum, Derek, Fern, Mr.B and Dan) we arrived at 4pm, and left about 9pm. But it looks fantastic, amazing what a bit of organza and some candles will do!

Here I am 10.34pm, just about to get into bed, after all the preparation and hard work its here!

All thats left for me to say is thank you and good night!

see you on the other side, as Mrs.B!

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!

Yes, it was my way

Monday, August 20, 2007

feeling a bit like Christmas when you're a kid

you know that lovely excited - almost sicky - feeling in the pit of your stomach?
knowing something fantastic is going to happen
the sort of feeling you forget as an adult.

that's how i am feeling just now - so excited!

had a lovely lunch out with Auntie Alison and Uncle Ed today - it ws a lovely respite from wedding planning

Had my fake bake tan done this evening - so now I am on strict instructions to not get wet - so no washing up, cleaning, baby bathing or getting sweaty! Sorry Mr.B and on our last night together as an unmarried couple too. teehee.

And thats it isn't it? tomorrow is my last day as a single woman, I can not belive that after all the planning, and expense, its here.

bring it on!

1 day to go