Thursday, September 13, 2007

hi stranger

Been a while

Been under a bit of a cloud, after the excitement of the wedding everything seems a bit flat. Now I am having to find things to do to fill my time, whereas before I was having to find time to do the things I had to do!

On the plus side I have received an apology (of sorts) from the ice cream man. Although I think it may have been prompted by my comment on here and the risk to his business reputation, rather than out of genuine remorse as it took him 9 days to email me! but hey I could be wrong - heres the mail

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Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 10:53 PM
Subject: (no subject)

Hello Kirsty
Having read your web site re non attendance at your wedding and after all the e-mail's and confirmation from me to attend your special day which I have to say were all correct.
I can only say sorry to you and your guests, having attended a number of weddings which have been a joy to do. I can appreciate how you must have felt, please rest assured that I was very disappointed myself at what happened and this was a first for us as we do not like to disappoint.
I wish that there was some way that I could make this up to you, perhaps some event that you may be holding in the future.
I would like to wish you and your husband all the best for the future.
(A very Sorryfull Ice Cream man)

Still can't bring myself to buy an ice cream from his van when in town though!

The big shocker was going back to Weight Watchers after the wedding, my weigh day is a Wednesday so I did miss one - but I put on 5 pounds! in 10 days, blimey that'll teach me to eat, drink and be merry! but then I dont think there was a day from the Saturday before until the Monday after where Mr. B and Me didnt eat out or enterain! 2 pounds of that has come off already and I will lose the rest.

I need to clear up a few things - a few misleading things that I have noticed (and Mr.B pointed out - now he is allowed to read it!) in this BLOG

  • in february 2006 I stated Caroline had offered to make the girls dresses - she did, but ~I soon let her off the hook I think with 4 kids and a demanding hubby (!) making my dress was quite enough!
  • in february 2006 I also said we had set the date for 29th September, obviously we hadn't - although I wish we had because a. I would still have it to look forward to and b. The blooming weather might be nicer
  • August 2006 - we did not see or use a wedding planner in the end!
  • october 2006 - despite losing 26 pounds I didn't get my pedicure or my facial. BooHoo
  • February 2007 the car problem was that the original taxo driver decided to retire! But Caroline's lovely husband, Laurence, volunteered (or was coerced not sure which) into driving us in his Jag
  • May 2007 - didn't buy a gazebo (just as well no one wanted to go outside in that rain!) but did buy a brolly, just as well as it rained - a lot!
  • Julyt 2007 - I did bake an awful lot of cup cakes, but they are still in the freezer - decided that whilst baking in advance was easy - when would I actually get the time to ice them all? So Waitrose it was
  • August 2007 - I managed to only fart once during the whole day, and one slipped out whilst I was giving my Aunt a kiss on the cheek goodbye! the music was playing so I am sure she didn't notice

I think thats everything cleared up - now its time to pay the credit card and plan for Christmas. I have made a start on the former - will contemplate the latter in a few weeks.

So is this good-bye? has this Blog reache a natural end? Do you know I think it might have, but you can't keep a good one down and for anyone into self torture you could try reading this


au reviour
Auf Wiedersehen
so long
see ya later

OK OK I have stopped...................................................................

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