Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome to our US guests!

Mr.B's Auntie and Uncle are over now from the States for the wedding. So hello Alison and Ed! They came round for a cuppa today, and its really odd to be telling Alison this and that about the wedding plans and her saying (in her lovely accent) 'oh yes I know I read it in your blog'!

I havent been on here to post anything for a couple of days as I have been feeling really down about the gents buttonholes (for the 5 D's Dick, Dave, Dan, Dad and Derek!) Having received them with the wrong colour ribbon on I posted them back at my own expense, she did change the ribbon but managed to damage the flowers in the process. Anyway when I contacted her about it I was told (and I quote directly!)
Hi Kirsty,
These are 99p items that we customised for you and re-made them as well - it has cost us much more than £1.38 to re-make these and send them back out.
The middle of the lily will easily screw in (and glue) if necessary.
You really have to adjust your expectations when buying a 99p item and spending just £7.06 on 5 buttonholes. They are out cheapest line and designed for budget weddings. We hardly sell any of these because most brides are prepared to spend that litle bit more for a higher quality product.
We advertise and sell lots of other cala lillies that are priced from £2.49 to £4.99 each and these are much higher quality because we are able to use better materials. Given that these are all handmade then everyone of our lines represents great value for money.

Amanda Nash
Qualified Florist

well I was flabbergasted as you can imagine! so apparently if you try to organise a budget wedding you have no taste and dont care about having damaged products! nice!

Thankfully the lovely lady who made my bouquet and the Mum's corsages stepped in (I know I should have gone to her first) and made me some up last night and posted them today - what a star

So panic over, now I am off to help Mr.B fill out an application form (fingers crossed please, this sounds like a great job for him) and cover the buttons for my dress - yeah yeah I know it seemed like such a good idea at the time.

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