Sunday, August 19, 2007

Who is Mr.B marrying?

Seriously though, does he know? I am sat here typing this post with dye on my hair, waiting to go to get the Gel overlays done on my nails! I have lost the best part of 2 stones, had my eyebrows waxed, my eyelashes tinted and will have a spray tan on.

and to top it all I will be wearing a posh frock - where generally its a struggle to get me out of jeans!

thank heavens I am not wearing a veil, or Mr.B really could have something to worry about!

So yesterday? it was hectic,
  • my friend Krystle came over from Ireland and dropped in for a visit with her son,
  • I finished covering the buttons (fiddly but definately worth it
  • the Bridesmaid dress was picked up from the tailors
  • I had a dress fitting with Caroline (getting more and more gorgeous everytime I see it)
  • emailed yet more questions to the chap who runs the reception venue and the ice cream man
  • and then went to a lovely family BBQ hosted by Dan and Jude

blimey its only 9am and I am exhausted already!

Also a lovely post day yesterday the replacement buttonholes arrived - superb, as did the beautiful Fimo Mr.B and me cake toppers (thank you Lisa M!)

3 days to go

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