Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm just watching flowers growing in the rain

My bouquet arrived today, along with the corsages for the mothers.
Obviously they are not real flowers, but the most beautiful silk flowers, with beads, diamantes and feathers.

I am very tired right now, not sleeping well. Going to sleep o.k then waking up in the wee small hours and tossing and turning - worrying about money, arrangements, foot and mouth, spots (I don't have any yet!) and the weather.

today its started raining like its October not August! let this be a clearing up day please, so the sun will shine next week.

Just about arranged the music for the ceremony;

for the seating of the guests
  • sunshine came softly - Donovan
  • handels arrival of the queen of sheba
  • what a day for a daydream
  • the sun ain't gonna shine anymore
then for my entrance
  • Pachabels canon in D major (although the youtube version could be a good choice!)
for the signing of the register
  • Mozart - Clarinet Concerto In A Major Adagio
but still undecided on what we should leave to - any suggestions please?

had to take Eldest's bridesmaid dress to be adjusted today, have decided that she can not possibly hobble around all day lifting the front of the skirt up! so for the grand sum of £12.50 I am having it done by a local firm of dry cleaners who do alterations. Of course now I can worry myself sick until saturday that I pinned it the wrong length/they will much it up/it will get lost/bridesmaid will grow 4 inches!

8 days to go!
and only the programmes left to sort out, which is being done tonight.
then I can sit back and enjoy the next week.

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