Sunday, August 12, 2007

cry me a river

Yesterday two lovely things happened.

first I had another dress fitting with Caroline (who is working wonders on the dress - thank you so much!). WOW its gorgeous, the skirt was a challenge (a smidge too tight, but not sewn, just tacked!), but all sorted and when tried on with the top it was stunning and so flattering! starting to get very excited about wearing it now.

then Caroline gave me a bag of bits to make my wedding favours. This has been organised by a group of lovely ladies from a yahoo sewing/chatting group I am a member of. The group has been around for nearly 7 years so we all know each other really well - but not all of us have met, which makes the gift of the favours an incredible gesture. To set certain peoples mind at ease - they are beautiful - far nicer than I could have imagined and far nicer than anything I have ever seen at a wedding before. Thank you.

gosh I feel like I am making an Oscars speech........................ all those thank you's!

10 days to go

This is the last full week I will have as a single person.

so much I need to do - today I will tackle the napkins!

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