Thursday, August 09, 2007

Foot and Mouth drama!

Whilst I know my concerns over the foot and mouth outbreak are small compared to the farmers involved, I still need to voice them!

Spoke to the hog roast lady today, and she says that if there is another outbreak of foot and mouth, closing the slaughterhouses down - she may not be able to get a hog to roast!

fish and chips it is then!

Now to the dress fitting - WOW! I tried the top bit on (ok not complete but done enough to give even me an idea!) and it looks beautiful, and surprise, surprise Caroline had to pin it in a bit - so the excersises are working.

Hair trial today, which went really well - the hairdresser has made a lovely job, a sort of an Audrey Hepburn sweep with curls!

and now to the best bit of all, weighed in at weight watchers last night and I lost 2 pounds last week, a total of 26 pounds and taking me to xx stone exactly - which means, fingers crossed I will be down into the next stone bracket, which is where I wanted to be for the wedding and only 7 pounds from goal - woohoo!

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