Thursday, August 23, 2007

22nd August 2007

12.30pm - I think it was probably at about this point at which I started to think '*yikes* this is really happenning'
O.K that may seem like a really silly thing to say, but I have been so busy organising everything and everyone it felt a bit like someone elses event!
well there you go if you didn't think I was slightly odd before, you certainly do now.

1.30pm - Time for Auntie Jude to leave, our friend Ray came to collect here - I have only seen him in work clothes before and didn't really recognise him when he walked up the garden. When I opened the door I remarked how smart he looked, to which he replied that I looked lovely too - Doh! had completely forgotten that I was standing there in all my finery - complete with tiarra

*rolls eyes*

Then it was time for the photographers to arrive - now I really hate having my photo taken so this had caused more anxiety than it really should have - but they were lovely. Denise and Alex from blessings photography
I really can't recommend them highly enough, such lovely ladies and the results are amazing!

2pm - and then the car is here and its time to leave, as the rain has decided to hold of for a few mintutes we managed to go out the front door (longer route to car, but much prettier) but of course I forgot my wrap, ok go ahead got that. Hang on forgotten my bouquet, its alright I have that lets go! but the one thing we didnt forget was the umbrella - and thank heavens we didn't, it was used a lot that day!

Despite the rain, it looks like we are going to have a lovely, smooth and trouble free day. Little did I know what was in store ...........................................

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