Friday, August 24, 2007

You didn't think I would make you wait too long for the next installment, did you?

left you on a bit of a cliffhanger there didn't I?

Finally we see Jude running hell for leather into the register office, and I am allowed out of the car - hang on another hiccup, someone has left the door open to the marriage room, Mr.B must not see me. So a quick scurry around whilst that is organised.

Then I realise I am absolutely busting for a wee. HaHaHa, so quick dash down the corridor in the opposite direction, a struggle with my dress and I am ready to face the interview with the registrar.

Do you know I have absolutely no idea what time we got married, by this point I can't even think how long I had been waiting in the car. 30 minutes? 40? an hour? Not a clue - really must ask someone, would be lovely to know the
official marriage time!

Now, where was I. Yes time to go in, to face the music, the final walk, off to meet Mr.B, to become Mrs.B - OK I will stop that now.

Caroline had a quick fiddle with my dress to make sure it looked good, and the music started

Derek walked me into the room, with the girls behind me - I had to slow Derek down he was walking too fast and I was worried the music wouldn't get a chance to get going.

And then I was there, standing beside Mr.B, the registrar smiling at me and asking me to place my flowers on the table. The registrar welcomed us, and then said we were allowed to hold hands - did we look that scared?

It was nice to be able to hang onto Mr.B, until that point I hadn't really realised just how much safer I feel when I am with him!

If I am honest, the ceremony is quite a blur I remember saying my vows, and Mr.B saying his, of exchanging rings (Mr.B couldn't get mine on!) and the Dads doing their readings. All this through a flood of tears, it seemed all I could do was cry, thankfully middle daughter had lent me her 'finding Nemo' hanky, which I had shoved down my cleavage, but it got a lot of use.

Then we are signing the register and having more photos taken - and its time to leave.

The registrar was lovely, she looked really happy and seemed so pleased for us. It was all very emotional, Jude, Mum, my sister, Krystle and I think even my eldest daughter were all sniffling into tissues - Krystle ran out of tissues so lent over and used my Brother In Laws tie!

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