Monday, August 20, 2007

feeling a bit like Christmas when you're a kid

you know that lovely excited - almost sicky - feeling in the pit of your stomach?
knowing something fantastic is going to happen
the sort of feeling you forget as an adult.

that's how i am feeling just now - so excited!

had a lovely lunch out with Auntie Alison and Uncle Ed today - it ws a lovely respite from wedding planning

Had my fake bake tan done this evening - so now I am on strict instructions to not get wet - so no washing up, cleaning, baby bathing or getting sweaty! Sorry Mr.B and on our last night together as an unmarried couple too. teehee.

And thats it isn't it? tomorrow is my last day as a single woman, I can not belive that after all the planning, and expense, its here.

bring it on!

1 day to go

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