Sunday, July 15, 2007

cluck cluck cluck

that, my friends, is the sound of a HEN with a hangover!

Although it is nearly a week later (would have posted sooner, but blogger 'lost' my blog!) later now so I am no longer suffering! We had such a wonderful night.
My future sister-in-law hosted a murder mystery evening and what fun it was! To be honest I wasn't that drunk - had a lot to drink but the fun of the evening kept me level headed - certainly no passing out or throwing up!

Plenty of photos were taken and I have put them together with some music

To thank Jude, I cooked dinner for her the next night (home laid eggs and home grown potatoes in case you want to know!) and we managed to get all the childrens goody bags decorated - they look so good, all done with names and designs in 3D pens.

Mum is have a little wobble about her outfit, turns out the top is dry clean only - dry clean only for a vest top? how daft! trying to persuade her it is an ok indulgence as she looks so lovely in it.

2 layers of my top have been sewn, and the 3rd is about to be cut. so exciting.

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