Thursday, July 12, 2007

41 days to go!

Blimey time is whizzing by and I think its all ok, so why am I panicking??????

spent yesterday back at Milton Keynes, with my Mum this time. Getting her sorted with an outfit - which we did, and she looks stunning. You will have to wait to see the photos to see how stunning though!

couple of fittings with Caroline, so that seems to be going well (or maybe not, but if it isn't Caroline is doing a great job of convincing me otherwise)

Little bit worried about the reception venue again, this time because there seems to be a lot of work going on there, both in the grounds and the hall itself. stacked up outside are tables and chairs and carpet tiles! I wonder if they were effected by the flooding in the village the other week. I have emailed them and await a reply. half of me wants them to say 'yep total disaster madam you will have to go elsewhere' the other half cant be doing with a panic like that just now!

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